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Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 Manual in PDF

Adobe Captivate 9 y 9.0.1

Do you want to get Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 instruction guide in PDF? . Welcome to OwnersmanualPDF, in this website we have hundreds of guides of different products, because our goal is to provide the user with complete information. At the end of this post you will have access to the digital guide of this tool, so you can view it from anywhere with a PDF reader.

Why You Should Download Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 PDF Instruction Guide ? 📚

Because having this manual will allow you to know all its secrets, options and quick shortcuts, so that you can get the most out of it. In addition, the electronic format will allow you to solve 2 of the disadvantages of the physical manuals, such as the following:

The Programme Came With An Incomplete Guide

Chances are that when you purchased the licence for this tool, only a quick start guide was included or you didn’t even have a physical manual. Luckily, this is easy to fix, just get a PDF backup copy.

Lost User Manual

If you have lost the instruction guide for this tool, I recommend that you download the PDF manual at the end of this article to avoid future losses.

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What is Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 and what is it for?


We are talking about an Adobe tool that allows you to create dynamic explanations with slides, based on computer screenshots, thus creating interactive presentations.

Download the user manual of Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 📕

You can download the Adobe Captivate 9 and 9.0.1 user guide in PDF via the following link.

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