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Game Boy Advance Manual In PDF

Game Boy Advance

If there is a console that made me spend the most magical moments of my childhood that was undoubtedly the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. We were in front of a real portable console of 32 Bits with a power superior to the mythical SNES. The thing is that after so much time you might want to play for a while and not remember very well how it works. But don’t worry, in Owners Manual PDF we’ll leave you the complete user’s guide of the Game Boy Advance in PDF so you can make up for lost time.

Why should you download the Game Boy Advance Manual? 📚

Having an advanced PDF manual for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance will allow you to rediscover all the tricks, settings and shortcuts of this handheld. In addition, having the instruction booklet in digital format will allow you to solve some problems, such as:

The Console Came With A Basic Guide

It is very common for Nintendo to include manual quick-start video consoles. If this is your case do not worry, as at the end of this article we will leave you the link to download the complete guide to the Game Boy Advance in PDF.

You have lost the User Guide

On the other hand it is possible that after so much time you have lost the Game Boy Advance instruction manual, well don’t worry we will provide you with a digital backup to be able to view it with any free PDF reader.

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Features of the GBA

  • CPU: 32-bit ARM.
  • Memory: 32 Kb WRAM + 96 Kb VRAM (In CPU) 256 Kb WRAM (External CPU)
  • Screen: 2.9″ TFT screen with 240×160 pixel resolution, screen dimensions 40.8 mm x 61.2 mm, 32,768 possible colours, 511 simultaneous colours in character mode, 32,768 simultaneous colours in bitmap mode.
  • Dimensions: 144.5 x 24.5 x 82 mm .
  • Weight: 140g.
  • Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  • Battery life: 15 hours.

Download the Game Boy Advance User Guide 📕

You can download the GBA user manual in PDF directly from the following link.

What memories do you have of the legendary GBA?, you can leave your impressions below in comments. Don’t forget to share this manual with your social networks, that would allow me to keep uploading more PDF guides like this one… Thank you very much!