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Gear Fit Wristband User Manual PDF

Gear Fit Wristband User Manual PDF

The use of smart bracelets is becoming part of everyday life, every day more and more people want to monitor their physical activities in a comfortable and simple way. The only problem is that although there are wristbands at a good price, the truth is that Samsung models are usually quite expensive. And that’s precisely why you’ve come to because you want to wear your old Gear Fit wristband and you need its PDF instruction manual.

Why should you download the Gear Fit Wristband PDF manual? 📚

Having a Gear Fit Smart Wristband user guide will allow you to prolong its wear life. In addition, you may experience the following problems after so much time.

The Wristband Comes With A Quick Guide

After so many years you’ve opened the box and realized that your Gear Fit only comes with a basic manual.

You’ve Lost Your Own Owner’s Manual

You can’t find the Puea de uso so it’s an ideal time to download its PDF instruction manual.

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Gear Fit Wristband Specifications

  • Screen: 1.84 inches Super Amoled.
  • Resolution: 432 x 128.
  • Memory: 4Gb.
  • Ram: 0,5 Gb.
  • Battery: 120 mAh.
  • Compatibility: With Android 5 or higher and iOS from 7.0.
  • Size: 57.4 x 23.4 x 11.95 mm.

Download Gear Fit User Guide PDF 📕

You can download the Gear Fit user manual in English PDF directly from Samsung’s official website at the following link.

What do you think about the Galaxy Fit bracelet, you can leave me a comment about your impressions. Don’t forget to share this PDF guide with your friends and family.