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Parrot CK3100 Instructions PDF

Parrot CK3100 Instructions PDF

Do you spend a lot of time driving and need to make a lot of calls? The only problem is that sometimes setting up these kits can be a little confusing. But don’t worry, if you’ve come to our PDF manuals website looking for instructions for the Parrot CK3100, let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place.

Why should you download the Parrot CK3100 Instructions PDF ? 📚

Because having the instructions of the Parrot CK3100 in English will allow you to know how to correctly pair the device with the bluetooth of your phone separately will allow you to solve these 2 problems.

The handsfree came with an incomplete guide

Your Parrot CK3100 hands-free car kit didn’t come with an instruction manual, but that can be solved by downloading the complete advanced user guide in PDF.

You have lost your instruction manual

Do you need to know the installation diagram of the Parrot CK3100 and have lost the instructions? Don’t worry, you can always download the official advanced user guide in PDF from our website.

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Parrot CK3100 Features

  • Interface: LCD display + with 3 buttons.
  • Voice tags: From 150 per paired phone, up to 750 in total.
  • Number of contacts: From 1000 per phone, to 5000 in total.
  • Automatic synchronization with the phonebook: Yes
  • Full voice recognition: Yes
  • Conversation: Full Duplex
  • Audio processing: Advanced noise and echo cancellation.
  • Microphone: External microphone with the possibility of being oriented.
  • Amplifier: 20 W digital stereo amplifier.
  • Mute: Yes
  • Car speaker broadcast: Yes .
  • Control dimensions: 72 × 15 × 43 mm, 74 g..
  • Case: 135 × 30 × 58 mm, 110 g.

Download The Parrot CK3100 Instruction Manual PDF 📕

You can download the instructions for the Parrot CK3100 PDF directly from the link below.

What do you think of this hands-free, you can share your experiences below in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this guide in PDF with your friends and family, that allows me to keep uploading more, thank you very much!