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Philips CD191 PDF Manual

Philips CD191

Do you have the Philips CD191 cordless phone and can’t remember how to add a contact or change the ringtone? Well in this manuals website we explain all this and much more. At the end of this post, specifically in the download section, you have the direct link to the complete digital guide of this device. With it you will have direct access to all its secrets, are you interested? Then let’s get started.

Why should you download The Philips CD191 Manual PDF ? 📚

Because this way you will know:

  • The safety measures recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The meaning of the icons on the screen.
  • Change the access PIN.
  • Turn the handset on / off.
  • Make / answer a second call.
  • Add / edit / delete a contact.
  • Activate / deactivate the answering machine.
  • Save a call log.
  • Change the date / time / melody / volume…

Moreover, as it is a digital file, it will not suffer the disadvantages of the physical guidelines explained below.

Wireless Phone Came With a Basic Guide

If the purchase of this device only came with a quick guide, don’t worry. Here is the complete document just a click away, with all the information you need to get the most out of your Philips phone.

Lost User Guide

This is the most common problem when it comes to paper documents, as over time we don’t remember if we put it in a drawer or throw it away with the box. So that this is not a problem, we recommend that you keep the PDF guide as a backup copy. This way, if something similar happens to you, you will be able to access it and consult your doubts.

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Philips CD191 Features

  • Display: 1.6.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Battery: 550 mAh.
  • Phonebook: 100 numbers per mobile phone.
  • Audio: 50 ringtones.
  • Weight: 439 grams.
  • Dimensions: 18.6 x 13.6 x 8.2 cm.
  • Caller ID / handsfree / answering machine / recorder / access to mobile phone contacts.

Download Philips CD191 User Guide in PDF 📕

You can download the full Philips CD191 user guide from this direct link.

What do you think of this cordless, do you find it easy to operate? Write in comments your experience and remember to share this post with anyone who might need it. Thank you very much for your trust! 😊.