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Philips D235 PDF Manual

Philips D235

Welcome to OwnersmanualPDF! If you’ve come to this article, it’s because you have the Philips D235 phone and you need its complete digital guide. Well, I’m glad to tell you that in this post you will find it, just go to the download section and click on the link, it’s that simple! If you want more complete information, keep reading.

Why should you download The Philips D235 Manual PDF ? 📚

Because with this file you can consult:

  • How To Change Remote Access PIN.
  • The meaning of the icons on the screen.
  • Using the standby mode.
  • Check the signal strength.
  • Delete a call log.
  • Add / edit / delete a contact.
  • Adjust the sound / date / time / volume…
  • Activate / deactivate the answering machine.
  • Restore to default settings….

Another advantage of this format is that you can access it comfortably, without having to suffer the inconvenience of paper.

The Phone Incorporates A Basic Guide

Your paper manual is too short and you want more detailed information? Well, with this digital file you won’t have any doubts left unanswered, just click on the link and access your guide.

You have lost the User Guide

If you can’t find this document anywhere or you threw it away by mistake, we recommend you to have this PDF backup copy. This way you will not be affected by these mishaps and you will be able to consult it from anywhere.

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Philips D235 Features

  • Screen: 1.8.
  • Colour: Black and white.
  • Battery: 500 mAh.
  • Phonebook: 50 numbers per mobile phone.
  • Audio: 10 tones.
  • Weight: 108 grams.
  • Dimensions: 15.68 x 18.5 x 9.62 cm.
  • Caller ID, handsfree, answering machine, recorder, access to mobile phone contacts.

Download Philips D235 User Guide in PDF 📕

You can download the full Philips D235 phone manual from this direct link.

What do you think of this cordless phone, do you find it practical? Comment and share this post if it has helped you. Thank you very much for supporting this website! 😊.