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Sony PlayStation Classic Instruction Manual PDF

PlayStation Classic

Have you bought a PlayStation Classic and you don’t know how to turn it on or set it up? Welcome to OwnersmanualPDF where you will find the link to its user guide in PDF. This way you can consult the assembly and start-up manual of this mini console from anywhere, with a simple app that allows you to read these documents.

Why Should You Download The PlayStation Classic Manual? 📚

You may not be familiar with these retro mini consoles and don’t even know what the wires are to turn it on. That’s why an instruction guide will help you to clarify and if it is in PDF much better, as it will allow you to be forewarned against 2 of the most common problems that are usually found in the paper manuals, such as the following:

The Console Came With A Basic Guide

It is almost certain that a quick access manual was included with this mini-console. But it doesn’t hurt to have a more advanced backup in digital format so you can refer to it on your mobile phone whenever you need it.

Lost User Guide

In case of loss, you can always get back a PDF backup of the manual that came in the box, which we’ll provide you with right at the end of this post.

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PlayStation Classic Features

  • Output: 720p.
  • Input/Output: HDMI, USB, 2 controller ports.
  • Dimensions: 149 x 33 x 105.
  • Weight: 170 gr.
  • Included: 1 PlayStation Classic, 2 controllers, HDMI, 1 USB cable.

Download PlayStation Classic User Guide 📕

You can download the full PlayStation Classic user guide in PDF from the link below.

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