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PS2 User Manual in PDF


If you have come to our guide website it is because you have found the mythical Play Station 2 (the best selling console in history) in your home and you would like to give it a second life. The problem is that after so much time you could consult the Ps2 instruction manual in PDF to find out how to configure it and how to connect the cables.

Why should you have the PS2 Online User Manual in PDF? 📚

Well, because having the Sony Play Station 2 user manual in PDF will allow you to consult the guide for this console without it suffering any kind of wear and tear. Besides, after so much time it is perfectly normal that you will have some of the following problems.

The Console Came With An Incomplete Guide

If you still have the box of this console you will have been surprised that when you have reopened the packaging the only thing that comes with the device is a quick start manual. This is certainly not enough to get the most out of a console like the Play 2. Fortunately, Sony makes it easy for us to download their official manuals so that we can continue to consult the configuration of this machine.

You have lost the instruction manual

It is also possible that after almost 20 years you have lost the user guide that came with the device. This is normal, but don’t worry, at the end of this article you will find the direct link to download the Ps2 guide in digital format. This way you will always have a backup copy to be able to view it in any PDF reader.

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PS2 Features


  • Main processor : MIPS processor (R5900) at 294.912 MHz (299 Mhz in the latest versions)
  • Cache memory : instructions 16 kB, Data 8 kB + 16 kB instructions.
  • Main memory : 32 MB Rambus
  • Storage capacity : Possibility of adding an external hard disk.
  • External dimensions : Approx. 301 × 78 × 182 mm (W × H × D) (excludes larger projection)
  • Weight approx : 2 kg
  • DVD drive (read only) : CD up to 700 Mb, DVD up to 8.5 Gb.
  • Tickets/Outputs : Universal Serial Bus (USB)  x 2 -Control port x 2, MEMORY CARD slot x 2
  • Network : Network adapter
  • Power supply : AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Energy consumption : —-
  • Operating temperature : 5 ºC – 35 ºC
  • AV output : Composite video output

Download The PS2 Instruction Manual Online in PDF 📕

You can download the Play Station 2 instruction manual from the following link.

Do you think the Ps2 is still worth it?, you can leave me a comment with your sincere opinions. Don’t forget to share this PDF manual with your friends and family, that would help a lot to continue developing more content like this… Thank you!.