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User manual Samsung C3050 in PDF

Samsung C3050

Do you have the Samsung C3050 and do not know very well its functions? do you need an instruction guide? well welcome to OwnersmanualPDF, at the end of this article you will have access to its manual in digital format, so you can view it from your phone and solve your doubts instantly.

Why You Should Download The Samsung C3050 Manual ?📚

This mobile is designed for older people, so it is highly recommended to accompany it with a user guide and thus understand the most basic functions of this device. In addition to being in PDF you can view it anywhere, with an app that allows you to view this kind of files. In addition to that, you will be able to solve 2 of the most common problems of the manuals in paper format, such as the following:

The Smartphone Came With A Basic Guide

If your phone came with a quick start manual, the solution is easy, you just need to get an advanced PDF backup and you will find it here at the end of this article.

Lost User Guide

Another disadvantage of paper manuals is that they can get lost or deteriorate over time, so the best thing to do in these cases is to get the digital guide, so you will always have it at hand when you need it.

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Samsung C3050 Features

  • Screen: 2.0 inch Amoled.
  • Resolution: 120 x 160.
  • Storage: 15 mb.
  • MicroSD: Yes.
  • Battery: 800mAh capacity.
  • Fingerprint reader: Yes.
  • Rear cameras: 640 x 480.
  • NFC: No.
  • Size: 97 x 47.3 x 14.9.

Download Samsung C3050 User Guide 📕

You can find the Samsung C3050 manual at the following link.

What do you think about simple mobiles for seniors? You can share your experience below in comments and remember to share this manual with those who might need it. Thank you very much!.