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Galaxy Buds Live Instruction Manual in PDF

Galaxy Buds Live

Pairing a Bluetooth headset may seem simple but in some circumstances it can be complicated. For this reason, in some cases, the most recommendable thing to do is to directly download an instruction manual that tells us which buttons to press to synchronise these devices with our devices. And that is precisely why you have come to Ownersmanual, because you have bought the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless headset and would like to get its user guide in PDF format. So let me tell you that at the end of this article you will find what you are looking for.

Why should you download the Galaxy Buds Live Headset Manual as a PDF ? 📚

Enjoying music through headphones has always been a simple process, just plugging the cable into the 3.5mm mini-jack port and enjoying the good music. Today, however, we have to synchronise our wireless headphones with the different devices on the market and in some cases this can become complicated. This is where acquiring a complete guide in digital format could help you to solve many problems, among which are the following:

Headphones Come With A Quick Guide

Have you bought Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and they come with a quick start manual, no problem, at the end of this article you will have direct access to their complete guide in PDF.

You have lost the instruction manual

Did you miss the quick guide to the Galaxy Buds Live? headset? because, as we said before, you will find the direct link at the end of this article.

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Galaxy Buds Live Headphones Specifications


  • Battery: 60 mAh.
  • Wireless charging: Yes.
  • Compatibility: With Android 5 or higher and iOS from 7.0.
  • Size: 16.5 x 27.3 x 14.9 mm.

Download Galaxy Buds Live User Guide as PDF 📕

Download the instruction manual for these headphones in PDF format directly from the following link.

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