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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip PDF Manual

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Are you looking for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip instruction guide in PDF format? Then welcome to our website! In this post we will tell you in detail the features of this device and you will also find its complete manual in digital format, so you will know all its secrets. Are you going to miss it?

Why You Should Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Manual in PDF ? 📚

Because it’s the easiest way to access all this information:

  • Installing / uninstalling apps.
  • Share content.
  • Change screen mode / adjust colour.
  • Access advanced features.
  • Save data.
  • Use face / fingerprint recognition.
  • Update software.
  • Optimise the device.
  • Troubleshoot potential problems…

And as it is a digital document, you will not have the limitations of paper, as explained in the following sections.

Smartphone Comes With A Basic Guide

As a general rule, brands include a basic user manual with the purchase of their devices, this is done to reduce costs and that is why many of the guides are multi-language. Fortunately, brands such as Samsung also provide these documents in digital format so that we can choose to have this complete information. At the end of this article we leave you the direct link to download it, so you can access it whenever you need it.

You have lost the User Guide

Are you looking for the physical manual and it is nowhere to be found? Well, don’t worry, here you will find its complete version in PDF format. This way you can have a backup copy on your phone and you will be forewarned of any future misunderstandings.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Features

  • Display: 6.7-inch AMOLED.
  • Resolution: FHD+ 2,636 x 1,080 pixels.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 855+.
  • RAM: 8 Gb.
  • Storage: 256 GB.
  • MicroSD: No.
  • Battery: 3300mAh capacity.
  • Fingerprint reader: Yes.
  • Rear cameras: 12 + 12.
  • Front camera: 10.
  • NFC: Yes.
  • Operating system: Android 10.
  • Size: 87.4 x 73.6 x 15.4 mm (folded) – 167.3 x 73.6 x 7.2 mm (unfolded).
  • Weight: 187 grams.

Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip User Guide 📕

You can download the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user guide directly from this direct link.

What do you think of this phone, is it the best one you’ve ever had? Comment as much as you want, we’d love to hear about your experience. Remember that you can share this article if you found it useful, we will be very grateful. Best regards!.