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Samsung GT-C3590 PDF Manual

Samsung GT-C3590

Need the Samsung GT-C3590 mobile phone instruction guide and can’t find it anywhere? Well, welcome to OwnersmanualPDF, on this website we have digital guides for hundreds of devices (TV, tablet, household appliances…) and at the end of this post you will find the direct link to the one for this mobile, so you can consult all your doubts.

Why should you download the Samsung GT-C3590 Manual in PDF ? 📚

Because it is the most convenient way to access all this information:

  • How to insert the memory card correctly.
  • What each button is for.
  • The meaning of the icons.
  • Sending / displaying text messages.
  • Adding / editing / deleting a contact.
  • Using the camera.
  • Playing music.
  • Setting the alarm.
  • Set sound.
  • Browse the web…

Moreover, as it is a digital file, you will be able to use it without suffering the inconveniences of paper as explained below.

The Phone Came With A Basic Guide

It is very common that our device comes with a basic user manual, companies proceed in this way to reduce production costs. Fortunately, some brands such as Samsung, also provide this information in digital format and we leave you access to it right in the download section.

Lost User Guide

Haven’t you ever needed a specific manual and can’t remember if you kept it or threw it away? I think this is the most common problem when we talk about paper documents. That’s why, here we bet for the PDF format and we offer you this file so you can keep it as a backup copy. This way you will have the information at hand and you will avoid future losses.

Maybe you are interested 👇👇

Samsung GT-C3590 Features

  • Display: 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches.
  • Weight: 100 grams.
  • Battery: 100 mAh.
  • Handsfree.
  • Size: 100.9 x 50.9 x 17.33 mm.
  • Caller ID.

Download Samsung GT-C3590 User Guide in PDF 📕

You can download the full Samsung GT-C3590 manual from this direct link.

Why did you choose this type of phone? Tell us in comments about its advantages and share this article if it has helped you with anyone who might be interested. Thank you very much for trusting in our website, greetings!.