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Samsung Xcover 2 Instruction Manual PDF

Samsung Xcover 2

If you’ve come to Ownersmanualpdf it’s because you’ve found your old Samsung Xcover 2 around the house and you want to put it to a new use but first you’d like to remember its old settings. This is where having a PDF instruction guide would help you refresh your memory and that’s why you can purchase its manual in digital format at the end of this article.

Why Should You Download Samsung Xcover 2 Manual? 📚

Because this device is completely discontinued but being made with a technology that combats planned obsolescence is possible today to use it without any problem. The only drawback is that you may not remember its shortcuts to settings and advanced tricks. This is where a Samsung Xcover 2 guide in digital format could help you, and being in PDF format will give you an advantage over the obsolete physical manuals, such as the following:

The Smartphone Came With A Basic Guide

Samsung doesn’t usually include advanced manuals with the purchase of its handsets and this Xcover was to be no exception. Fortunately, it also makes it easy to download guides for its devices in PDF format.

You’ve Lost Your User Guide

Another downside of it being so long is that you may have misplaced the quick start guide that came in the box. Don’t worry, at the end of this article we’ll leave you the manual straight away in PDF format.

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Samsung Xcover 2 Features

  • Display: 4 inches .
  • Resolution: 480×800
  • Processor: 1Ghz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9.
  • RAM: 1 Gb.
  • Storage: 32 Gb.
  • MicroSD: YES.
  • Battery: 1700mAh capacity.
  • Fingerprint reader: Yes.
  • Rear cameras: 5.
  • Front camera: 0.3.
  • NFC: No.
  • Operating system: Android 4.1.2.
  • Size: 130.5 x 67.7 x 11.95 mm.

Download Samsung Xcover 2 User Guide 📕

You can download the Samsung Xcover 2 user guide in PDF directly from the following link.

What do you think of the Xcover 2? Are you still using it? Leave me a comment with your impressions and don’t forget that by sharing this manual you are helping me to keep this project going… Thanks a lot!.