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Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD PDF Manual

Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD

Do you have the Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD bicycle odometer and are finding it difficult to install? On our website OwnersmanualPDF you will find the solution to this problem. At the end of this article we leave you a direct link to its multi-language instruction guide, from there you can see how to configure this device in the right way and so you can enjoy its features to the fullest.

Why should you download the Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD Bike Odometer Manual in PDF ? 📚

Because by having this document you will know:

  • The general information.
  • How to regulate the light.
  • When to change the battery.
  • Show / hide the pedalling frequency.
  • Calculate the circumference of the wheel.
  • Consult the settings / technical data…

Moreover, as it is a digital document, you will not have to suffer the disadvantages of paper guides, as explained below.

The Mileage Counter Includes A Basic Guide

When buying these devices we usually include a basic user’s manual, this type of guide is based on drawings and the information it contains is quite incomplete. For this reason, on our website we are committed to digital format and we leave you the direct link to this complete document just one click away.

You’ve Lost Your Instruction Manual

Another of the disadvantages of paper is that over time it deteriorates or gets lost. Are you tired of looking through all the drawers in your house for your instructions and never knowing where you kept them? Well, the easiest solution is to get a digital backup copy and you will have these files available on your mobile phone, so you can consult them whenever you need them.

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Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD Features

  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2 cm.
  • Colour: Black silver.
  • Weight: 26 grams.
  • 7 different languages.
  • Functions: Speedometer, Distance, Countdown, Maximum speed, Trip time, Total distance and Clock.

Download Instruction Manual Cycle Computer Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD In PDF 📕

You can download the Sigma BC 16.12 STS CAD User’s Guide PDF from this direct link.

Thank you very much for your interest and support! We welcome your questions and comments about the product. If you have any questions or experiences you would like to share, please feel free to leave us a comment, thanks for reading us!.