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Manual Baking Machine SilverCrest SBB 850 C1 in PDF

Have you bought a Lidl SilverCrest SBB 850 C1 automatic baker and have no idea which button you have to press to make bread? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily Lidl provides us with its instruction manual so that we know how to configure its 16 different programmes or its 3 levels of thermostat. At the end of this article you will find the direct link to the advanced user guide for this device.

Why should you download the SilverCrest SBB 850 C1 Automatic Bakery Manual as a PDF? 📚

Making bread may seem like a simple process but the truth is that this baker has 3 levels of toasting and 16 programmes so getting freshly baked bread may not be an easy task. At OwnersmanualPDF we know this and that is why we want to help you get the instruction guide for this Automatic Breadmaker. In addition, having a manual in digital format will help you to solve this series of problems.

How to make bread automatically

With a digital manual you will be able to know how to make bread automatically with this bakery from anywhere, you will only need a mobile phone at hand and a PDF reader application.

You have lost the instruction manual

Also having an instruction booklet in PDF format will help you prevent future losses of the physical guide.

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Features Of The SilverCrest SBB 850 C1 Automatic Baking Machine PDF

  • 16 programmes and 3 levels of toasting
  • 4 automatic programmed sequences for mixing, kneading, fermenting and baking.
  • Programming of special foods such as: gluten-free an, pasta or pizza dough, jam and yogurt.
  • Power: 850 W (heat power) and 100 W (motor power).
  • Fast 80-minute programme.
  • Timer.

Download the SilverCrest SBB 850 C1 Automatic Bakery Machine Instruction Manual in PDF format 📕

You can download the user manual of this Automatic Bakery directly from the  following link.

If you have any doubts or questions you can ask in comments, don’t forget to share this PDF manual with your friends and family… Thanks for everything!.