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User Manual Sony HT-CT290 Soundbar in PDF

Sony HT-CT290

Have you recently bought a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar and don’t know how to install it? Well, at the end of this article you will find a complete installation and assembly instruction guide in PDF format. This is ideal as you can view it anywhere with your mobile phone and an application that allows you to open this kind of document.

Why should you download the Sony HT-CT290 Sound Bar Manual? 📚

If you need some more audio power on your TV and you’ve decided to buy a soundbar, you may have problems to know the process of assembly, installation and configuration of its programs. This is where OwnersmanualPDF comes in, a portal where you can find a huge compilation of guides for all types of devices in electronic format. In addition, being digital manuals, you will be able to solve two of the most uncomfortable problems that exist at the time of acquiring a new device:

The Sound Bar Came With A Basic Guide

In case you bought this device only with a quick start manual, you can always get the advanced manual directly from Sony. At the end of this article we have made it easy for you to find it.

Lost User Manual

You may have lost the manual that came with the product, so a PDF backup would be great to avoid any future issues.

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Sony HT-CT290 Sound Bar Features

  • Brand: Sony.
  • Model: HT-CT290.
  • Size: 900 x 52 x 86 mm.
  • Total peak power output 300 watts.
  • Sound Channels: 2.1.
  • Weight 6.3 Kgrs.
  • Power consumption 40W.

Download User Manual Sony HT-CT290 Sound Bar In PDF 📕

You can download the user guide for the Sony HT-CT290 Sound Bar in PDF format directly from the manufacturer’s website using the following link.

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