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Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher Manual In PDF

Teka LP8 810

Welcome to OwnersmanualPDF! If you have reached this article it is because you have the Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher and you need its digital instruction guide. Well, I am glad to inform you that you have come to the right place, because at the end of this post you will find the direct link to download it.

Why You Should Have Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher Instructions In PDF ?📚

Because with this digital document you will be able to know:

  • Load the salt in the descaler (at the ideal moment).
  • How to adjust the rinse aid level.
  • How to use different types of detergent in this machine.
  • What are the types of washes and their characteristics.
  • How to clean and maintain the machine correctly…

In addition to being in PDF, you can view it from your mobile phone with a simple application, solving 2 of the most recurring problems that we find in the physical manuals.

The Dishwasher Comes With A Basic Guide

When purchasing this appliance, did the manufacturer only include a quick start manual? Well, fortunately Teka also provides us with the advanced PDF manual for this dishwasher and we have it here, so you can consult all your doubts with just one click.

You have lost the User Guide

Another thing that happens to us with physical manuals is that we never know where they are and when we need them, we can’t find them. That’s why we bet for the digital format, because having a backup copy of our instruction guides we will be prevented from all that.

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Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher Characteristics

  • Energy Efficiency: A++.
  • Noise: 49 dB.
  • Weight: 41 Kgrs.
  • Dimensions: 84.5 x 59.8 x 60 cm.
  • Water consumption per wash: 15 L.
  • Electrical power: 2100 W.

Download User Manual For Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher In PDF📕

You can download Teka LP8 810 Dishwasher Instruction Manual in PDF format directly from the link below.

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