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Thor TL2 500 Washer Instruction Manual

Thor TL2 500 Washer Instruction Manual

If you have come to our Manuals website it is because you would like to know how the Thor TL2 500 works. The problem is that it has so many programs and functions that you will hardly be able to get the full potential of this appliance without a user’s manual in English. Don’t worry, at manualsPDF we will provide you with the quick and easy download link.

Why Should You Download The Instructions For The Thor TL2 500 Washer In English?

There may be several reasons that prompt you to download the Thor TL2 500 manual, however, it can be summarized as follows

You have lost the instructions

This is very common in these cases, you lose the manufacturer’s manual and when you have to use some washing programs that you are not used to, it turns out that you do not remember.

The appliance came with a Quick Start Guide

It is also very common that when you buy a section, it comes with a quick guide to use it. This is certainly not enough to get the most out of your appliance, so downloading the Thor TL2 500 washer’s instruction manual in English PDF is a must.

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Features Thor TL2 500 Washer

  • Energy Efficiency: A+++.
  • AquaControl: Yes.
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 Kgrs.
  • Centrifuge selection: 500 rpm.
  • Programs: 15 programs.
  • Dimensions: 845 x 597 x 497 mm.

Download User Manual Thor TL2 500 PDF

You can download the full Thor TL2 500 guide as a PDF directly from the link below.

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