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User’s Manual Ursus Trotter UT-9T Stove in PDF format

Ursus Trotter UT-9T

Do you have an Ursus Trotter UT-9T cooker and you have lost your guide in digital format? Well, do not worry, in OwnersmanualPDF you can get a backup copy in PDF format, which is ideal for viewing it from anywhere with a simple application that allows you to read this kind of documents.

Why Should You Download Ursus Trotter UT-9T Stove User Manual In PDF ? 📚

Having a guide in digital format of this cooker will allow you to know how to program it to turn off automatically after a certain time. In addition to being in PDF, you will have certain advantages that are not usually found in any instructions in paper format, such as the following:

The Stove Came With An Incomplete Guide

It is possible that this cooker came with a quick start manual, which is insufficient for you to understand how the stove works. Fortunately, you can download its complete guide in PDF, so that you can access it as many times as you need.

You have lost the User Manual

Have you lost the guide that came with this device? Well, what are you waiting for to get your backup copy? You’ll find it at the bottom of the page in PDF format.

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Features Of The Ursus Trotter UT-9T Stove

  • Time programmer.
  • Thermostat.
  • Thermal protector.
  • Wheels to move it freely.
  • 3 modes: Low 750W, Medium 1250W and High 2000W.
  • Maximum power: 2000W.
  • Dimensions: 43 x 65 x 25 cm.

Download Ursus Trotter UT-9T Stove Instruction Manual In PDF 📕

You can download the advanced user guide for Ursus Trotter UT-9T cooker in PDF format by following the link below.

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