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Xbox Adaptive Controller PDF Manual

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Do you have an Xbox Adaptive Controller and can’t find its instruction manual anywhere? Don’t worry, on our guide website you’ll find what you’re looking for in PDF format, which is ideal if you’re travelling and need to view it. This way you can view it anywhere with an application that allows you to read this kind of document.

Why Should You Download The Xbox Adaptive Controller Manual ? 📚

Having the Xbox Adaptive Controller manual will help you to know what are the basic guidelines for installation and maintenance of this adaptive controller, with which you can play the way you want and according to your style. Moreover, as it is in digital format, you can download it from anywhere, thus solving 2 of the most common problems that are usually found in paper guides, which are usually the following:

The Adaptive Controller Came With A Basic Guide

It is likely that with the purchase of this controller a quick start guide was included in paper format, now you can always have an electronic copy in PDF format.

You have lost the User Guide

In the event that you lose the user guide you can always re-purchase it as many times as you like and without limit.

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Xbox Adaptive Controller Features

  • System Requirements : For use with Xbox console games on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 PCs. Limited functionality on Windows 7 and 8.1.
  • Xbox Accessories app: Available on Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs.
  • Connectivity : Includes Xbox Bluetooth wireless connectivity and USB-C connectivity for gaming on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.
  • Ports : Nineteen 3.5mm ports and two USB 2.0 ports for external inputs. One 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for audio.
  • Options can be assigned to : Reassign buttons and create multiple controller profiles via the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One or Windows 10.
  • What’s in the box? : Xbox Adaptive Controller and 2.7 metre USB cable.
  • Mounting : 1/4-20 screw designed for AMPS compatible mounts. 1/4-20 screws designed for tripod mounts.
  • Batteries and Charging : Includes an internal lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the included USB-C cable or power adapter (sold separately).
  • Dimensions : 292 mm (L) x 130 mm (W) x 23 mm (H)
  • Weight : Xbox Adaptive Controller: 552 g, USB-C Cable: 64 g.

Download The Xbox Adaptive Controller User Guide 📕

You can download the full Xbox Adaptive Controller User Guide from the link below.

What do you think of this controller? Please feel free to comment in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this guide with anyone who might need it, thank you all very much!.