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Xiaomi Mi 8 Instruction Manual

Xiaomi Mi 8 Instruction Manual

You may have come to our PDF manuals website because you have noticed that you have lost the Mi8 user manual. Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence and below you will find the link to download the Xiaomi Mi 8 PDF instructions.

Reasons Why You Should Download The Mi 8 Manual In PDF

The basic reason is that you have realized that you think you know everything about the Mi 8 and the truth is that you are wrong, because if you had a complete guide of use you could take full advantage of the capabilities of this device. But the fact is that you are here because of 2 reasons:

You’ve lost the E8 manual

It is very frequent to lose the user guide of the devices, because when we buy it we are anxious to open the box and sometimes we do not realize that next to the terminal can come valuable objects as it can be the manual of instructions.

The Device Did Not Come With Any Manual

To honor the truth, this is almost certainly why you came to this post. When you bought the Smartphone, you realized that along with the device, cables and charger, the only thing that came with it was a quick user guide. This guide with basic recommendations that every average user should already know will not be enough to squeeze all the capabilities of this smartphone so downloading the Xiaomi Mi 8 user manual in English PDF will help you get the most out of this terminal.

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Xiaomi Mi 8 Features

  • Screen: 6 inches Super AMOLED.
  • Resolution: 2,248×1,080 px.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 845.
  • RAM: 6 GB.
  • Storage: 64 GB, 128 and 256GB.
  • microSD: No.
  • Battery: 3,300mAh capacity.
  • Fingerprint reader: Yes.
  • Rear cameras: 12 mpx + 12 mpx.
  • Front camera: 20 mpx.
  • NFC: Yes.
  • Size: 154.9 x 74.8 x 7.6 mm.

Download Xiaomi Mi 8 User Manual PDF

You can download the instructions for the Mi 8 in PDF directly from the manufacturer’s website at the following link.

You can also download the generic Xiaomi phone user guide directly from the link below.

Finally, to stay up to date with the Xiaomi Mi8’s user security measures, you can download the security information directly from the IM Officer page at the following link.

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